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Impact Grant Testimonials

Mr. Knight, Chair of the Science Department had this to say about our Impact grant program.…


Karen Hsieh, AP Statistics teacher at UNI, sent this to her classes’ parents…

We have the amazing opportunity to work with a Statistics software program called Minitab. In a few weeks we will begin using this program for our unit and end of the semester projects.

A special thank you to the generosity of the PTSA who has funded this program for us!

Wonderful UNI PTSA!

Thank you for your continued support of UNI students and teachers. I am in my 33 rd year teaching at UNI (I’m the old relic here) and have no other experience with a PTSA, but have to believe that ours is the best! Last year I was awarded a PTSA impact grant in order to set up a jellyfish tank in my classroom for my Marine Science and AP Biology classes. After weeks of preparation, yesterday our jellies arrived from Florida and are now enjoying (as best as I can tell, they have no brain) their new home. The students will be helping with the maintenance and feeding of the jellies, as well as monitoring their habitat with weekly water quality testing. Our jellies, named Peanut Butter, Gary, and Jerald (names were suggested by the kids and then voted on through a Google form ) are the hit of the school!

Marine science has grown so much the past few years we now have 9 sections of the class with over 250 juniors and seniors taking the class.

The UNI science department takes a lot of pride in creating an exceptional science experience for all of our students. Thank you for supporting our efforts and enriching their experience.

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