New UHS Trojan Families 2020-2021 School Year


 Dear University High Trojan Community,

 The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at University High School would like to extend a warm WELCOME to the new families and all the returning Trojan families to the 2020-2021 school year. The University High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) supports student activities, concerns and affairs of University High School in Irvine, California. The University High school PTSA is committed to funding programs supporting excellence in education for all students.All University High School parents, teachers and students are invited to join. PTSA funds go to support Uni students and teachers, including educational technology, classroom supplies, and equipment needed for arts and athletics.  Your support is important and vital to our success!

We look forward to another great year of unifies spirit in working, supporting and building and serving our Trojan community. We are committed to make the best in the current circumstances and with your enthusiastic support we believe we can connect and serve our students and teachers and maintain our excellence in serving Trojan community.

PTSA needs you, become a member and contribute to our donation drive.

PTSA Meeting Schedule


 *Wednesday, August 19th    @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom

 *Tuesday, September 15th   @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom                 

                                                 @ 6:30pm   General Meeting Via Zoom

                                                                      Speaker : Dr. Astor

 *Tuesday, October 20th        @ 7:00pm   Board Meeting via Zoom  

 *Tuesday, November 17th    @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom                 

                                                 @ 6:30pm   General Meeting Via Zoom

                                                                      Speaker : TBD

 *Tuesday, December 15th    @ 7:00pm    Board Meeting via Zoom  

 *Tuesday, January 26th         @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom                 

                                                 @ 6:30pm   General Meeting Via Zoom

                                                                      Speaker : TBD

 *Tuesday, February 16th       @ 7:00pm    Board Meeting via Zoom  

 *Tuesday, March 16th           @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom                 

                                                 @ 6:30pm   General Meeting Via Zoom

                                                                       Speaker : TBD

 *Tuesday, April 20th              @ 7:00pm    Board Meeting via Zoom  

*Tuesday, May 18th                @ 5:30pm   Board Meeting via Zoom                 

                                                 @ 6:30pm   General Meeting Via Zoom

                                                                      Speaker : TBD

PTSA General Meeting Agenda and Zoom link

When: Tuesday, September 15th @ 5:30

Where: Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 869 8776 0866

                                           Passcode: GoTrojans

                                            Speaker:  Dr. Astor

   Agenda:  PDF file 



PTSA Minutes of the Meeting 


 *Wednesday, August 19th@ 5:30pm   Board Meeting minutes.

                 Coming soon!